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Will Drop Shipping Work for You?

If you want to build an online business with upfront inventory or equipment expense, consider drop shipping a product that someone else creates. Drop shipping is the easiest of the work at home online business opportunities because you need little space and no inventory. All you need to do is go to the Internet to find the various drop ship products and choose the ones best suited for the market you want to reach or your interests. You might drop ship tools, toys, books, videos, CDs, clothes, and many other items.

To get started in your effort to make money online you need your online business Web site and you need to determine what drop ship manufacturer and products you’re going to sell.

What drop shipping essentially means is that you have the online business and they have the products that they sell to you at wholesale and send out in your business name to your customer. You are essentially the broker – you do the Internet marketing and the advertising necessary to bring consumers to the product. Once they buy you pay the drop shipper the wholesale price for the products and keep the difference. The drop shipper packages the product and sends it to the buyer. The buyer only knows you and your company name. For all intents and purposes you sold your product to that consumer. What a great and relatively painless way to make money online!

There are some things you must watch out for as you set out to build your online business. The first is that the market is not saturated for the products you are thinking about selling. Do your homework here. Find something that has a market and has little competition in that market. Then you’ll need to make sure that drop ship company you are considering is legitimate. You don’t want to send your money to a drop shipper who never delivers the goods, or provides shoddy material. Check with the Better Business Bureau in the drop shipper’s local market and ask for – and check – testimonials and references of other Web based business entrepreneurs who are using the drop shipper you are considering.

If you do your homework early on and continue your Internet marketing efforts, drop shipping can be a great way to make money online.

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